The first & finest vertically-farmed Japanese strawberry in New York City




michelin-starred chef

Oishii Strawbery Sando - Chef Dominique.jpg

"Growing up in France, strawberries were only a summer item, and you'd wait all year for the season to come around. It is a great pleasure to work with Oishii and the Omakase berry, which tastes consistently great every day of the year.”

- Chef Dominique Ansel, James Beard Award-winning pastry chef and the creator of the Cronut®


“I pursue perfection in my kitchen and the Omakase berry is the best. Every diner that has tried Oishii has raved about them.”

- Michelin-starred Master Chef Tamura, Sushi Yasuda


"Compared to other strawberries, the Omakase berry is softer and sweeter in a natural way.”

- Michelin-starred Chef Junghyun Park of Atomix, shortlisted as one of Eater's best new restaurants of 2019