Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Are these berries imported from Japan?

    No, they are grown in an indoor farm located right outside of New York City.

  2. What variety are these?

    They are a unique Japanese strawberry variety.

  3. Will the berries be fresh upon pickup?

    Yes, the berries you receive will be harvested on the day of delivery.

  4. Where else can I purchase these berries?

    Only limited quantities are available for purchase through this website. They are also served in selected Michelin star restaurants in New York City.

  5. The website states that it is out of stock. When will stock be replenished?

    Please check back every morning at 11am. (Subjected to limited availability)

    Alternatively, join the waitlist and we will reach out to you shortly.

  6. What are the recommended storage and consumption guidelines?

    Please keep the product refrigerated as soon as possible upon receipt.

    For the best experience, we recommend bringing the berries up to room temperature before tasting.

Orders & Shipping

  1. How do I cancel, return or refund my order?

    Once payment is processed, there will be no cancellations or refunds.

    No returns are allowed due to food safety reasons.

  2. Can I preorder these?

    Please email for inquiries.

  3. Can I have them delivered to my address?

    Currently, we only do scheduled pick-ups at the Oculus @ World Trade Center.

  4. How much does shipping cost?

    Shipping cost is included into the price of the product.

  5. Where will the exact pickup location be?

    The exact location will be stated in the order confirmation email sent to your inbox once payment is completed.