Recreating the Ideal Ecosystem

Combining time-tested Japanese strawberry cultivation techniques with advanced indoor vertical farming technologies, Oishii has started the next era of strawberry production.

By recreating the ideal natural ecosystem of Japan’s most distinguished strawberry-producing regions in a controlled indoor environment, Oishii is able to consistently grow the world’s best strawberries year-round and pesticide-free. Oishii's groundbreaking approach to vertical farming enables bees - nature’s pollinators - to thrive, ensuring optimal strawberry quality.

Most importantly, with breakthroughs in disease management, Oishii can maintain a clean environment in which strawberry plants can produce high-quality fruit for years longer than conventional farms.

The results are clear - the Oishii Omakase berry is now a favorite among some of the most discerning of New York City’s Michelin-starred chefs.